You Are Ignorant Of Prevailing Circumstances, The Story Publisher, Orusi, Replies Ogidigben Over Ughelli South Constituency Seat

A concerned Ughelli South Constituent, Comrade Kenneth Orusi, has challenged Comrade Ejiro Ogidigben over his statement that the Ughelli South Assembly seat must remain with Ughievwen till 2031, stating that Ogidigben, only made an ignorant statement without the full knowledge of the prevailing circumstances in the matter.

Orusi said some persons are just making comments in error for political expediency without recourse to the resultant injustice to others.

He affirmed that the so called two constituencies mentioned by Ogidigben were proposed when there was a proposal for two representations like that of Ughelli North where Constituency 1 and 2 exist in the State House of Assembly.

Comrade Orusi revealed that the two representations on the basis of two Constituencies in Ughelli South did not get the approval of INEC, thereby making the sharing formula fell back to the three political blocs with Ewu, Olomu and Ughievwen.

He said while Ewu did eight (8) years, Olomu had earlier done eight (8) too and now Ughievwen is finishing with her own eight (8) years for which representation is expected to shift to another political bloc or zone again.

On the Council Chairmanship position mentioned by Ogidigben, Orusi maintained that Olomu’s tenure would be ending in another six months after election.

Explaining further, Orusi based on proper political understanding of the situation, posited that Ughievwen would now return to the Local Government to take up the Council Chairmanship while Olomu would move to take up the Commissioner slot of the Local Government Area.

His words, “These are clear political arrangements predicated on the political understanding of the Constituency as it stands. Anything that alters this arrangement can only amount to injustice to other blocs and may result to crisis of some sort.

“However, this is avoidable if the right things are done. We must not for political expediency make unguarded statements that may come back to hunt us in the future. A stitch in time saves nine”, he submitted.


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