Why Ogudike, Onitsha Electronic Dealer’s Association Secretary General Was Suspended

More revelations are coming up as to why the Secretary General of Electronics Dealers Association, Onitsha (EDAO), Mr Demian Ogudike was suspended. It was gartherd that Ogudike tenaciously stood behind the Association’s office Secretary when all the executives agreed that the office girl should be changed.

He must have done this because the office girl is allegedly his girlfriend?

Ogudike’s another sin was that he allegedly added more than 400 names to the association’s membership register without the consent of the chairman and other executives.

He also was said to have wanted to take over the supervisory powers of the president and allegedly collected one million naira using silicom network as a bait.

He also allegedly and criminally inserted an email alert into the Union’s account that is not of the Union and the email alert of Abia parliament for the sole purpose of monitoring the Union financial activities for his procunial criminal activities.

This was not authorised by the constitution and executives and he is not a signatory to the said account which he uses to monitor financial activities of the Union.

This alerts gives Abia people room to be seeing inflow and outflow of the union’s money against the modus operandi of the Union.

He was secretly doing this untill he was caught recently.

Upon seeing he will be suspended,he opened a social media whatsap group where he added members and started giving out false and malicious allegations against the president and the executives.

He said the Union lost their case with Access Bank since 2018 when the matter is still subsisting in court.

He sent this information to public whatsap just to cause confusion in market and with his intended financial exploitative dispositions.

He also misled the owner of one plaza to sell their shop below the real price by criminally posting documentmentory paper from local govt to the wall of the plaza that local government wants to pull down the plaza because of its dilapitating State which is totally false and against our normal practice.

He went on to even tell the owners to collect small financial amounts they were offered to avoid losing all but he allegedly collected a whopping sum of N21 million from an individual to buy up those shops at N1 million naira and N700,000 naira each.

This he did without the consent of
president and the executive and their statutory approval

Th Electronics Dealers Association’s constitution gives the president powers to query both elected and appointed officers.

The person who was issued with query was expected to answer it within the time frame and as stipulated in the query.

If the query says an hour, then the person queried is expected to answer the query within the time but if it did not stipulate time on the query,the queried person will have 48 hours to reply it.

It also stipulates that once an elected or appointed officer is queried, he or she is suspended and found guilty as charged ,his office will be taken over by his assistant without further delay.

If the person answered the query to the satisfaction of the president inline with our extant laws,the president will discharge such person without going to his executive but where the president is not satisfied,then he takes the answered query to the executives who will now vote for the indefinite suspension by the two third of members of the executive present in the meeting after founding him or she guilty as charged.
But according to the president,
“I gave him the query to answer within 24 hours and he did not answer rather he got a lawyer who sent me a letter telling me to do things in strict compliance with the association’s constitution.
For two weeks he did not answer, then the executives had a meeting yesterday and suspended him indefinitely by more than two third majority.The meeting was attended by 11 executives members only one person did not vote for his suspension but 10 other executives voted for his suspension accordingly.

His assistant secretary has taken over his job inline with our constitution and he is hereby suspended accordingly.


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