Ugwuanyi Led Administration: A System Of Good Governance And Rapid Development

Written by: Vera Igwilo

Enugu is blessed with a wonderful system of governance and this system has played a very significant role in the rapid advancement of the state. When it comes to the issues of social security, social facilities, structural facilities, medical facilities, employment opportunities, academic facilities, infrastructures, and, many other things, the government in Enugu makes sure that none of these sectors is left untouched, which were among Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi led administration’s four-point agenda unveiled to Ndi Enugu during his first term swearing-in at Okpara Square, Independence Layout Enugu in 2015.

The PDP government right from the time of Chimaroke Nnamani, Sullivan Chime, and, presently Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has focused their tenures on different projects which benefited the people implying the true meaning of democracy. All sectors were created with the people in mind, from rural development to education, health, infrastructure, security, workers’ welfare, and youth empowerment, taking the lead are all being addressed and are receiving critical attention by the government.

This attention placed on ‘people’ in Enugu state is what makes democracy in its original sense true because democracy is all about the people and where the people reap the dividends of democracy; they will certainly believe they belong in the system and give the leader maximum support.

Due to the rotational system of government in Enugu, every sector is being touched significantly and that is what finally resulted in Enugu being called ‘the white man land’. The resources generated in Enugu are to an extent, evenly distributed that every indigene or visitor to the state has a taste of such a good government.

There is a need to commend the administration of Ugwuanyi and his giant strides should be emulated by other state governments. He has distributed developmental projects equally and has given contracts and job opportunities across the state in a spirit of equity, unity, and fairness to the admiration and happiness of all the people in the state.

The Ugwuanyi’s government has not only tried their best to maintain infrastructures they had met when they came into power but they have also gotten new ones, built some, and even completed abandoned ones by other governments across the state. One of the infrastructures he started in enugu that is marveling is the rural roads in Enugu. He constructed Opi-Nsukka dual carriageway, Obechara road junction-Umuakashi mechanic Village-Ikenga hotels Junction-Enugu road Nsukka junction, Umuezebi-Nru junction have been completed and many more. Ugwuanyi in his inauguration ceremony pronounced that ‘Enugu is in the hands of God’ and this statement or slogan has been following his leadership and his affairs with the state.

The government in Enugu is geared towards the people and it is very result-oriented and when the people of Ibagwa-ani, in Nsukka local government area of Enugu state, led by the member representing Nsukka West State constituency, in the statehouse of assembly, Hon. Dr. Emma Ugwuerua, the former transition committee chairman of the council, hon. Onyema Idoko, among other leaders, came to the government house, Enugu, to appreciate His Excellency, Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, he reiterated how his administration is placing a priority on the needs of the people. The people are enjoying the result and to show their acknowledgment they came as a group and pledged their hundred percent support to Ugwuanyi. The people of Ibagwa-ani came, acknowledged, and thanked gov. Ugwuanyi for appointing their sons and daughters into various government positions, his concern of service and putting up of infrastructures, human empowerment, and human capacity building.

The Ibagwa-ani people commended Governor Ugwuanyi for his strength, his tenacity, and anticipatory handling of the covid-19 pandemic, which helped to abort the continuous spread of the disease, especially to the rural communities in the state. They were unequivocally happy with his government and solidly in support of his activities which they described as inspiring, all-inclusive, and result-oriented.


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