LOVE IS SWEET: See How DG of Alone With Jesus Fellowship Described Her Husband On His Birthday

Today happens to be the happiest day of my life, not because it’s your birthday but because of what you represent here on earth.

I believe, great men are born to rule their world but yours, you live for others, carrying about the armor of our lord Jesus Christ, who went about doing good, helping the less privileged in his time

The description of your person is hard to make, and your warm reception and relationship with others is heart melting.

Oftentimes, I lose words of appreciation to God for finding me worthy to be your wife

You are a clear definition of a good husband, father, mentor, pathfinder who has found the hidden treasure of my life and I tell you, you have always been the best thing that has happened to me

You have always shown strength, boldness and courage like that of David, with an uncommon tendency to win, which is my own source of strength.

Your philanthropic tendency has given you a name like that of Solomon in the Bible signifying wisdom and uncommon tendency to attract success.

You have never been tamed by any challenge, rather, sees obstacles as an apron to roll higher.

My life philosophy has been changed because you have redefined my life and added spice to it

Your courage is second to none. You are delectable in quality, handsome like Absalom and bears the mark of Jethro, the father Inlaw of Moses who was his managerial consultant

I, on these rare qualities, join the host of heavens to wish you a happy birthday and many fruitful years ahead

I love you more and more, my beloved husband.


  1. Happy birthday sir, you’re one born in due time to help humanity and you are always on the go for your role. Wishing you heaven on earth sir.


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