Hon Chamberlain Dunkwu Political Ordination, X-raying Holistic Impact

By Ewere Ijeoma
Exceptional Leaders are known by their impact on the lives of ordinary people, as they go about empowering those around them, engaging in activities of giving freely while influencing people positively and ensuring that their positions are utilized to the benefit of all and sundry

On the other hand, when an evil leader presides over the affairs of a society; setbacks, human capital degradation and infrastructural deficiencies becomes part of the fabrics of that society.

This has been the scenario in some communities and the reason why they are excluded from the stream of infrastructural and human development.

Looking deeply into the political life of Hon. Chamberlain Dumkwu, the Senior Special Assistant to the Speaker, Federal House of Representatives on members affairs, and his impact on those around him, one would see clearly that his career as a politician has been a standard for resetting the political culture in Delta State and the Society at large.

More so, examining his profile and listening to testimonies of his associates, members of the society especially those around him, and those who have had the privilege of relating with him, the outcome would still remain that he is a juganault with quixotic tendencies to redeem and repurchase the glory of the downtrodden.

Justifying these assertions with holistic comparison of his person, one would have clester reason to justify the milestones he has crossed while achieving results against all odds with indication that the man Chamberlain Dumkwu has not only sacrificed his resources including himself, but has committed all his energy to the growth of the society.

It is obviously known that a man’s story and how he lived is known when he is still alive and when he dies.

This is also for the reason that his journey started immediately he was born and at intervals, his Milages are recounted and assessments are made.

This is why we are scoring Hon. Chamberlain Dumkwu high in all areas of human endeavors


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