Global Entrepreneurship Week 2020, Time For Self Re-evaluation – Mrs Alatan

By Agboje Chucks

ASABA: The Commissioner for Women Affairs, Delta State, Nigeria, Hon. Mrs Flora Alatan has said that the Global Entrepreneurship week 2020, was a time for people to reevaluate themselves to contribute meaningfully and make the society a better place.

Hon. Flora made the admonition during the Global Entrepreneurship week 2020 held on the 16th of November 2020, organized by Start-up grind Directors of Okpanam, Mr. Uche Nmoye Paul.

The Hon. Commissioner who was ably represented by the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Women Affairs, Mrs. Agas stated that people should learn to be good managers, noting that, resources are never enough to do all that are needed to do and make the society a better place just as she noted that, the success in skill acquisition have been the vision of the State Governor.

Mrs. Agas, while speaking further, emphasized that the State Government knew that it would be too difficult to give jobs to every employable citizen of the state. Which was why he had to equip them with different skills especially the Youths knowing also that the Youths make about 60% of the general population stating the different skills the State Government have put in place to accommodate these persons to take them off the streets.

Supporting Mrs. Agas, Mrs. Gertrude Onyekachukwu, who represented the Job Creation Office, noted that everything the Governor thinks is Entrepreneurship, which is mainly to take the Youths off the streets.

She went ahead to mention some of the Skills acquisition programs which the state Government have put in place to ameliorate the sufferings of the Youths, stating the essence of these programs were to make diversification easy just as she emphasized that the targets of the programs are Youths within 18-19 age brackets.

Reacting to the Entrepreneurship discussions, the Start-up Grind Director, Okpanam, Mr. Uche Nmoye Paul stated that, there is need for the State to be put in the Entrepreneurship Map, claiming that the State was blank in the Entrepreneurship.

Mr. Uche also noted that the only thing one sees in the cyberspace about Delta State is just politics, such as ” APC, nor Dey Try”, claiming that with the programme, the narrative could change.

Speaking also were Mrs. Odibeli Pamela, the Cofounder, StartRight Global Consults, and Miss Cent Orife, CEO, Coriftech Ltd, who encouraged the government to formulate policies that can encourage Entrepreneurship, noting that, the environment has to be conducive enough for Entrepreneurship to strive just as Mrs. Pamela shared light on Venture capitalist, noting that 14% of venture capitalist funding that comes to Africa comes to Nigeria and gets stuck in Lagos.

Continuing, she stated that Lagos State gets about 20bn dollars from capitalist ventures because Lagos has policies and showcases the States Entrepreneurship activities in the cyberspace.

Another person who spoke during the event was Engr. Chuka Anuebunwa, Lead Consultant living brands projects.


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