Dumkwu Chamberlain, The Highly Respected Political Icon Of Our Time

By Ewere Ijeoma
Recently, value is placed on men of substance, irreproachable and fixated sangfroid personalities, especially when there’s strong affinity with his kith and kin.

Hon. Dumkwu Nnamdi Chamberlain, the current Senior Special Assistant to Speaker, Federal House of Representatives on Members Affairs and a community leader, wears the garb of a man noted for his immeasurable empathy for the people of Ika land, Delta State and beyond.

This political octopus and philanthropist from, Ika North East Local Government Area of Delta State, Nigeria, is known to come from a humble and unquestionable pedigree and haven carved a niche for himself as a selfless political and community leader, generous and easily accessible to everyone.

A pragmatic realist in nature. A proactive conceptualist, tenacity, mixed with integrity, overflowing charisma, and influential voice, in the galaxy of indisputable qualities.

His capacity for resolving issues is without doubt and his philanthropic nature is exceptional, while his preference for humanity is outstanding. He is a good leader with endearing and outstanding nature that is fixated!

Hon. Chamberlain is a beacon of hope to the downtrodden and has been in the business of liberating the downtroddens from the shackles of deprivation and want.

He’s fearless, tenacious and possesses vitality and vivacity that brings light to the society, especially via his philanthropic work carried out in different Communities.

He’s a great asset, that’s full of unimaginable ideas needed to continuously support and bring development to the good people of Ika land.

He is a known mediator, a seasoned administrator and a well celebrated leader, tested and trusted.

He believes that the people of Ika land, especially the destitute today, stand at the threshold of great challenges and possibilities.

As a people with various cultural backgrounds, divergent views and strands that face the challenge of preserving and nurturing its unity, culture, stability and development with respect to inculcating the core ethical values of hard work, and perseverance

As a community blessed with creative and energetic people as well as immense resources, it can build a prosperous leadership reformation via vibrant, articulate and robust philanthropic disposition

With a purposeful and visionary disposition, Hon. Dumkwu Chamberlain charts the course to harness great potentials for maximum destiny fulfillmrnt as a people.

Such are the primary considerations that that keeps motivating the community leader and beacon of hope to stretch his philanthropic hands to always support his people

A Pan- Ika by commitment, Hon. Nnamdi Chamberlain’s motivation is based on his mantra that Ika People can build a united, well developed, peaceful and constitutionally viable community

As a leader, he has always had his immense contributions to the political and socio-economic activities of his people.

In essence, it is his faith in consultative politics that guides his approach to the issues of today and the development of tomorrow. That is the dynamism of the community leader.


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