DTHA 2023: Osazuwa’s Entrance Into Ika South Assembly Race Causing Confusion ***Chuky Dandy Lobbies Party Delegates, Abavo Monarch To Stop Osazuwa

It is said that the entrance of a ‘BIG’ masquerade unto the centre stage often times causes commotion among the smaller masquerades as they retreat into their huts out of fear and to draw up a new dance steps.

This is exactly what the entrance of Emmanuel Osazuwa into the Ika South House of Assembly race come 2023 is causing the camp of Honourable Festus Chukwuyem Okoh who is despirately seeking to go back for the 3rd time.

A PDP source confirmed to DELTA DECIDES that since the entrance and consultation of Osazuwa into House of Assembly race, that a major confusion has erupted in the camp of Okoh that might lead to the final demise of his political strenght.

Chuky Dandy as he is fondly called is on his second term whose ternure will end 2023, recognized the antecedents of Mr Emmanuel Osazuwa as well as the political structure of some leaders who have keyed into his vision are therefore concerned that he do everything possible to stop him.

In penultimate week, we gathered that Hon. Okoh visited the Obi of Abavo, HRM, Uche Erenuwa to seek accord aimed at returning him for the Third Time.

A source who does not want his name in print revealed that Hon. Okoh assured the Abavo monarch that should they support his 3rd Term bid, that in 2027, he would support an Abavo man that will replace him at the House of Assembly.

Though it was not certain if the monarch agreed to support his ambition, however, another source hinted that he met with party delegates on Tuesday.

We shall keep you updated as events unfolds.


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