Artisan, Transport Scheme Application Survival Fund Starts October 1, 2020

Mr President has launched the Artisan/Transport scheme under the Survival fund program. 333,000 artisans and transport business will be provided with 30 thousand Naira Grant each to reduce the effect of income loss during pandemic. The transport scheme was slated to start along with the artisan scheme, but unfortunately it is on hold at the moment.

The Artisan scheme is divided into three groups –
Group 1 application starts 1st October – 15th October 2020. States to apply within this period are FCT, Lagos, Kaduna, Kano, Ogun, Bornu, Bauchi, Anambra, Abia,Rivers, Plateau and Delta State.


Group 2 application starts 19th – 31st October 2020.States To be announced soon

Group 3 application starts 9th – 21st December 2020.States to be announced.

Artisan/Transport Scheme Application Requirement

To apply for the Artisan scheme, applicants will have to apply through an association, although we understand that not all artisan belongs to an association. A small percentage will be given to those without association.

You must have a bvn and a bank account
Association must be registered with CAC
Enumerators will be recruited across the 36 states, they are responsible in collating the names of those interested in the scheme. Applicants will have to submit their name to their association leaders, the leaders will in return forward these names to the enumerators.

As an Artisan, you do not need CAC to apply.


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