Anambra Covid-19 Policy: Elders Forum Accuses UPJA, Markethead of Plotting to Conduct Secret Election.

Some of the contestants for illegal October 9, 2020 election of UBA and Joist Association (UPJA) new executives have faulted the process being adopted for the election.

Elders forum accused the Presidemt-General of Bridgehead market, Mr. Sunday Obinze (Ogwu-ego) and the outgoing chairmam of the association, Mr. Anthony Chiloli,of being behind the plot to undermine the election.

The group alleged that the duo of Obinze and Chiloli were bent in disqualifying the secretary and the financial secretary from contesting the election secretly plans to hold on 0ctober 9, 2021 because they disagreed with the chairman on his explotative and corruptive tendencies.

Elders forum alleged that ” Chiloli and Obinze have hijacked the the Electoral Committee and the entire process so that they can instal their candidate, Mr Emmanuel Obunso, from Aguleri as part of Nothern agenda.

We have no confidence in Obinze and Chiloli to organise the election”
They said if they fail to install Obunso, they would resort to their option B, which is to set up a Caretaker Committee.

In a desperate bid to disqualify the financial secretary, they alleged, Chiloli refused to give account of his stewardship.
Chiloli was also accused of not carrying everybody in the union along rather, he selects his friends for general meetings without following the constitutional process.

“He is running the Union expenses without consulting other executive members. They said they are holding a secret and unapproved election on October 9, without carrying the contestants along including the State government along.

They however, expressed shock that Obinze and Chiloli have fixed election for October 9, when no election has been held in Anambra due to Covid-19 asking why the hurry to organise this one?

The Commissioner for Commerce, Trade and Wealth Creation, Mr. Uchenna Okafior, has emphatically said there should be no election, why are they planning this one indisregard to the State governments directive, Elders Forum queried


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