2023: The Entrance of Ika Born Philanthropist, Monye

Ijeoma Ewere
Every developed society is but a biography of great men and women of sangfroid personalities who know the essence of grass root development and its importance to great societal development and bond and as such be willing to contribute to the growth and development of that society

Only great men and women understands the core meaning of the proverb and value of “Charity Begins At Home” and will strive with their utmost might for community development. There has never been any developed society without a record of great men and women who made their marks towards the development of their society.

Societal growth can only blossom where there are more men and women prioritizing service than leadership. As simple as this may sound, it will cause conflict in the mind of a layman. In fact, leadership can not be defined without the word “service and vision” and one can not coexist without another.
“Service” is just the act of selflessness, humility, sacrifices, and contribution to every good deed while “Vision” is a futuristic blueprint on how the said to set goals, be it development, can come to be archived.

There is no other way that society can grow without the efforts of persons, taking up responsibilities for serving their community. Know today, that a good servant is a good leader. It is through the course of service that a community or clan can hand-pick their leader by keeping in mind those who have their community/clan at heart. This is done by going to the checkerboard to check his good deads, records don’t lie

Show me a developed community and I will show you community servants whose contributions can’t be overemphasized

These people believe that the best way to be of community help is to start from grass root by helping people become pathfinders of destinies, and indulging in community projects that Forster’s development.

In every political height and projection an individual can attain, there must be grass-roots backing, and grass-root backing brings forth blessings and political acceleration. In relating this to physics, we can see that acceleration (F=ma) can not happen if there is no applied force. Where will the force that will propel you politically come from? The answer is simply the grassroots.

Looking through with proper perusal of people who have indicated interest to run for the Ika Federal House of Reps, I could see but one man, who fits into the paradigm nature of the arsenals required of a good leader, his services to Ika development can not be downsized but has allied him to run for the position of Ika Federal House of Reps. A man that is so courageous to have accepted the push from his community to indicate interest to represent the good people of Ika federal constituency at the federal house of representatives, a man whose voice has never been found missing in time of need.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Mr. Monye Lucky Ehiwuogwu, a. Rotarian Ambassador and the CEO of Monaco Ventures Nig LTD also a security consultant, an avatar, and a brave man, who is studious in different fields of human endeavors

He is from Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State.

Who is this man and what are his capacities?
Let’s take a swipe at his contributions

Monye Lucky Ehiwuogwu is a member of the prestigious Nigerian Institute of Management. He is a Rotarian per excellence and the Past President of Rotary Club of Abuja Kubwa. He is also an Assistant Governor in District 9125,
His a Security Consultant and the Managing Director of Monaco Ventures Nigeria Limited. He is also a member of the Association of Licensed Private Security Practitioners of Nigeria (ALPSPN). A member of the International Institute of Professional Security (IIPS).

He is also the first Ambassador of the Nigerian Super Eagles Supporters Club in Delta State. Monye Lucky Ehiwuogwu has earned numerous awards to his credit.

He is a social crusader, human welfarist, and environmental activist.

Monye Ehiwuogwu Lucky is a philanthropist of note and loves amongst other things – Golf, Scrabble, Table Tennis, Badminton, Reading, Trave, mentoring, and Imparting knowledge to Young Professionals.


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